Wild and Foraged

Experience the wonder of wild foods with the Sharpham Trust in Devon

The Sharpham Trust is a charity based within a beautiful 550-acre estate on the River Dart in South Devon. A short drive from our property The Barn, the house and gardens are renowned for their sense of peace and tranquillity, with incredible views across the Devonshire Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Passionate about sharing this stunning and abundant natural landscape, they have dedicated the land to exploring ways of deepening our connection to nature.

By promoting organic farming, renewable energy, growing our own food and supporting local food suppliers, the Sharpham Trust intends to show how these practices are not only great for the environment, but also for our own sense of wellbeing. Providing people with practical tools and expert guidance, all of their events are a wonderful opportunity to disconnect from the demands of modern life, and find stillness in the beauty of this serene setting.

Through their diverse programme of events which includes wellbeing based retreats, talks, walking groups and art workshops, the charity is committed to helping people experience first-hand, the transformational benefits of working with nature. One of the most popular events within their annual programme is the Forage & Feast day. This event is a wonderful opportunity to embark on a sensory journey through the beautiful Sharpham Estate, exploring the world of wild food, and learning more about the natural world.

Guided by wild food specialist Brigit-Anna McNeill, the workshop involves learning to identify, safely pick and prepare seasonal wild foods. By spending a day in the beautiful grounds of the Sharpham Estate, it is a chance to re-connect to nature through plants, as well as taste, touch and begin to understand the edible and medicinal plants that are growing all around us.

The day involves exploring the woodlands, hedgerows, gardens and riverside of the Estate, discovering the plants and learning about the ancient art of foraging, through sensory awareness and presence. After the foraging walk, the group gathers together to share their findings and cook a delicious lunch. Previous groups have cooked a selection of roasted roots, nettle and wild garlic pesto, herby bread and seasonal wild soup.

If you are planning a family trip to Devon we also recommend trying their Family Forage days. These are a great opportunity to enjoy the wild abundance of the Sharpham Estate with children. Making the most of what the season has to offer, the day involves exploring the grounds and picking a range of wild plants, followed by preparing and cooking a simple wild food lunch in the outdoor kitchen.

So whether you are looking for a peaceful retreat in nature, or a family fun adventure, the Sharpham Trust’s Forage & Feast events are a unique opportunity to cherish and enjoy the beauty of our incredible countryside.