Desmond & Dempsey

The Luxury of Lazy

For those convinced that old t-shirts and tracksuit bottoms are the ultimate loafing uniform – Desmond & Dempsey Pyjamas will make you think again. The co-founders are couple Joel and Molly, who are hell-bent on transforming your sleeps and Sundays forever with their bold and beautiful sleepwear. 

Beachspoke caught up with Molly (the Dempsey part) for a quick low down on what they’re all about!

Molly Goddard

Hi Molly, so what’s the Desmond & Dempsey story?

Founded on a love of Sundays, we are a guy and girl making pyjamas.

Your Pyjamas are geared towards women, but what about the fellas? Anytime soon?

Haha, well Desmond needs a pair doesn’t he?

Ok, so your next lazy Sunday,  where in a dream world, would it be?

Hmm, Deia in Spain.

The Alberto Print

Favourite Desmond & Dempsey pieces?

They say you shouldn’t have favourites – BUT my very first pair where Deia’s so definitely them. The new bright pair, Alberto and of course the Dempsey’s.

Make breakfast in bed – or order in?

Make it for sure. No one likes soggy bacon.

It’s ironic because once the lights are out, no one’s going to see you, so why have good nightwear?

Because how you start the day is so important. If you wake up feeling good you will have a better day.
You will smile and people will smile back!

The Riccardo Print – Black & White

We’re sold. Now where can we get em?

Lots of lovely places. for lots of options and convenience.

Fortumn & Mason – for a lovely cup of tea beforehand and a nosey around.
181 Piccadilly London W1A 1ER

Fenwick – If you are on full on shopping mode and want to empty your pockets.
63 New Bond St, London W1A 1RQ

The Keep Boutique – for a lovely experience and to find other brands that are ethically made.
32, Granville Arcade, Coldharbour Ln, London SW9 8PR

Bergdorf Goodman- if you’re in NY and want to be totally wowed!
754 5th Ave, New York, NY 10019, United States

The future’s always a mystery – but can you give us a glimpse of what’s to come at D&D HQ?  

Well we gave a clue away before but Joel (Desmond) is pretty desperate for his own …

The Riccardo Print – Olive

Enter the world of Desmond & Dempsey here.