Recipe Of The Week

Lucky Onion's Ricotta Gnudi, Squash & Sage

This week, our friends at The Lucky Onion Group (proud owners of The Chequers Pub), were kind enough to provide us with this a unique Beachspoke recipe for our guests to try. Check out our full interview with them on the blog.

Ricotta Gnudi, Squash & Sage.

Serves 2

For the gnudi

300g Westcombe Ricotta

50g Parmesan (grated)

1/2 Lemon zested

300g semolina flour

Salt and pepper

For The Squash

1  small butternutsquash

red chilli

5 sage leaves

1 sprig rosemary

2 tbsp olive oil

Salt and pepper

To garnish

10 sage leaves



You will need three days to make this recipe as the gnudi needs time to sit in its semolina bath.

Mix the ricotta, grated parmesan, lemon zest and salt and pepper in a bowl until everything is well incorporated. Check the seasoning then transfer the ricotta mix into a piping bag.

Fill a plastic container with half the semolina then pipe the ricotta mix directly on to the semolina. The gnudi should be slightly smaller than a golf ball. Make rows of the gnudi in the semolina making sure you leave a small gap between each one. Once all the mix is used up pour the remaining semolina flour over the gnudi until they are buried. Seal the container with a lid or cling film and let the gnudi sit for 3 days.  This time buried in the semolina is vital as it dries the ricotta out and creates a seal around the gnudi which will prevent it from collapsing when you cool on water.

After 3 days remove each gnudi from the semolina mix and lightly roll into balls.

Peel the butternut squash and cut into 2cm cubes. Roast on a baking tray with the rosemary, sage, chilli and garlic making sure each cube is coated in olive oil for 25 minutes at 200c. Remove the squash from the roasting tin and set aside.

For the crispy sage leaves add a tbsp of olive oil to a small frying pan and fry the sage leaves until crispy. Remove from the pan and let them drain on kitchen paper.

To serve

Place a large saucepan of water onto a medium heat and add 1tsp salt. Bring to a simmer.

In a separate frying pan add 1tsp olive oil. Add the squash to the pan and heat on both sides. Whilst the squash is warming carefully add the gnudi to the simmering water and cook for 3 minutes. With a slotted spoon remove the gnudi from the water and add to the saucepan with the squash. Add 20g of butter to the pan and coat the gnudi in the buttery sauce. Season with salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice. Add some finely chopped sage and plate the dish by placing the roast squash and gnudi into a medium sized bowl. Spoon over the remaining buttery sauce and garnish with crispy sage leaves and grated Parmesan.