Beachspoke & Bloom & Wild

Beachspoke's Latest Partnership

Beachspoke properties have garnered the reputation of being the perfect escape for couples. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, engagement, honeymoon or simply enjoying a weekend away, Beachspoke properties are equipped to ensure you barely have to leave the property, should you not wish to.

This is just one of the reasons we are excited to announce our recent partnership with Bloom & Wild. To help celebrate that special occasion, guests can now pre-order flowers to your property of choice using the discount code BEACHSPOKE for 15% off your first bouquet. The flowers will be then be delivered and arranged ahead of your stay.

To mark this special partnership, we asked the team at Bloom & Wild a few questions about how the business came about and why the sending and receiving flowers remains such special thing to do, now more than ever.

How did Bloom & Wild come about?

Aron (Bloom & Wild CEO) genuinely believes it should be a joy to send and receive flowers, every single time. He had a number of difficult experiences trying to send flowers, especially on his mobile phone. The more he researched it, the more he realised that he wasn’t the only one. As he did more research, he learned about how many steps there are in the flower chain (often as many as 6 steps) and why that can make flowers expensive, unfriendly to the environment, and only last a few days. He was also inspired by some other creative and innovative delivery models, like, and before long he was making his first prototype Bloom & Wild bouquets and boxes.

The beautiful ‘Ophelia Bouquet’ in Blue Moon. Photo Credit: Claire Menary 

How do you go about putting your signature bouquets together?

We start the process by creating a moodboard for each bouquet – gathering our favourite images from pinterest, magazines (fashion and interiors), photos that we’ve snapped at the flower market – it can be really abstract images, like textures colours or trends – basically anything to get us excited about the concept. We then narrow this down to a selection of stems that we think encapsulate our vision, before our flower team spends a few days putting together various bouquets that embody the mood we’re trying to create until we pick our favourite! Then comes many weeks of transit and vase life testing until we’re sure that our bouquets will arrive in perfect condition and last at least 7 days with the customer.

What inspires the creation of the bouquets?

A lot of things inspire us, seasons – both how they look and the new flowers that become available as they change. We also closely follow fashion and interiors trends – we update our bouquets regularly, so we keep up with fast fashion.
We’ve also worked with partners like Benefit Cosmetics and Refinery29 and they share their ethos that in turn inspires us. A lot of customer feedback that we use to shape our collections.

beachspoke_clairemenaryphotography21Photo Credit: Claire Menary

Design and interior detailing is what makes Beachspoke properties unique, talk to us about the importance of flowers in the home:

Not only do flowers look beautiful but they are a really easy and low cost way to adopt a trend in your home.
When tropical was everywhere with the Rio 2016 olympics this summer we launched a bouquet with mini pineapples, and one of our most popular bouquets The Lizzie was inspired by Pantone’s colour of the year – without having to repaint or switch out all of your soft furnishings you can make a room feel trend led just through flowers.

They are also great for creating a positive mood and mindset. Lots of studies have been done that show the link between flowers in the home and a positive mental outlook, and it’s no surprise that looking at something so beautiful with a gorgeous fragrance makes you feel better!

Have you got any tips on how to make flowers last within the house?

When the flowers arrive, make sure to snip 2cm off the stems at an angle. Don’t place the flowers in direct sunlight, near a radiator or cold draft, or by fruit (a lot of people don’t know that bananas in particular shorten the life of flowers). make sure the use the flower food that comes with the bouquet – it really does help to keep the vase clean and the stems drink better. Try to change the water every day – each time you change the water, snip the ends again.
Always use a clean vase and make sure the no leaves fall below the waterline – rotting leaves and dirty vases fills the water with bacteria that kills your flowers quicker

 beachspoke_clairemenaryphotography15Photo Credit: Claire Menary

Bloom and Wild have changed the way people give and receive flowers, why do you think flowers still remain such a wonderful thing to receive?

We believe flowers are such a wonderful gift to receive, because they are traditional, but Bloom & Wild is a modern take on the traditional. Personal and bespoke – at a florist no two bouquets are the same and with Bloom & Wild you choose the perfect bouquet and the recipient puts it together, so that each one is styled differently a personal to the recipient.

With Autumn fast approaching, what blooms should we be looking out for?

One of our favourites has to be our autumnal Posy Party, it’s has been really popular and we’ve loved seeing all the different ways people have styled them. We’ve also just launched a new bouquet, the Orla, featuring masala roses and orange snapdragons the perfect bloom to brighten your home

beachspoke_clairemenaryphotography17Photo Credit: Claire Menary

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