The Rise of the UK Staycation

The Cyclical Nature of Travel Trends

The term ‘UK Staycation’ comes with it’s own baggage. Often tarnished with outdated stereotypes of overly populated, stoney beaches, questionable gastronomy and infuriatingly unpredictable weather, it’s hardly surprising that many Brits have often fled abroad in pursuit of the perfect getaway. But as we all know too well, 2016 has been the year for change and apart from the weather, it’s safe to say these once founded stereotypes are no longer befitting of a holiday at home.

In the first quarter of 2016 alone, a whopping 7.3 million people chose to holiday in the UK (a 10% increase from the same time in 2015). Tourist boards claimed record breaking numbers of enquiries and bookings over the course of the year with holiday makers pumping billions of pounds back into the UK, instead of choosing to spend their money abroad.

In light of various, unpredictable global events (Trump, Brexit, the subsequent depreciated value of the pound and a general loss of faith in humanity), the causes of these changes in travel trends may not be wholly positive, but at Beachspoke, we are very much of the ‘half glass full’ school of thought and this resurgence in popularity for the UK Staycation comes with many positives, whatever their origin may be.

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Holidaymakers choosing Devon over Denmark are helping to provide a much needed boost to the UK economy. Justin Urquart Stewart, economist and director at Seven Investment Management, said: “More people holidaying in the UK will hugely boost our economy at a time when we greatly need it. “Families spend around 20% of their net incomes on holidays so the impact will be disproportionately large”.  #Winning

There can be no denying that we live in a country of breathtaking natural beauty. There has always been so much to see and explore and now, even more reason to do so. Wherever you decide to stay, be sure to visit fantastic websites such as the RSPB, The National Trust and local tourist boards such as Visit Cornwall to get the lowdown on nature reserves, natural landmarks and walking guides to help you truly appreciate the local area.

It is as easy to appreciate the natural beauty of the UK as it is to appreciate the fantastic local produce and food on offer. We are spoilt for choice when recommending restaurants to Beachspoke guests, whether you decide to eat in ‘The Pig‘ in Coombe, The Chequers Pub in Churchill, Alba Restaurant in St Ives or Rick Stein’s Fistral near Praa Sands. Each location makes the most of local produce, resulting in exciting, experimental cooking that enhances the flavour of it’s local, seasonal ingredients.

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