Architecture Tales

Elephants, burgers, & an underground house


Discover more about the designer of our Praa Sands beach house, Little Cottage , Alex Michaelis, best known for his Soho House projects, but less so for the following:


The Underground House

With a 6-foot limit in the way of building his family home, Alex built down when up wasn’t an option resulting in a fascinating underground space with masses of light.

Incredible London Architecture design house in the modern style
Image Copyright Michaelis Boyd


That Burger Restaurant

You’ve probably encountered Byron Burger by now, but if not, pop in and a look around. No single one is the same due to Michaelis Boyd’s efforts to break free from the uniformity of a chain restaurant.

Amazing architecture restaurant design for the best burgers in london
Image Copyright Michaelis Boyd


The Unesco Heritage Site

Michaelis Boyd are also the co-designers behind the breathtaking  Sandibe Safari Lodge, upon the Okavango Delta. The lodge’s shape is inspired by endangered African armadillo and is designed to have minimal physical impact on the local environment. The lodge is situated on a UNESCO heritage site and when visiting the project on site, a local elephant charged at the Michaelis and his team.

African Safari Luxury Travel Modern Architecture
Image Copyright Michaelis Boyd


The Play House

When building his latest London home, Michaelis put fun at the forefront of the design.  With features including a Fireman’s pole, slides and plenty of nooks for hide and seek, Michaelis has redefined the family home. ‘I always liked playing with form, not just fitting in,’ he says.

Fireman's Pole in an incredible west london home
Image Copyright Michaelis Boyd

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