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Lauren From 'Hunters & Heels'

It’s been an incredibly busy past few months for one of our favourite Bloggers Lauren, from Hunter’s & Heels. When she wasn’t creating fantastic content about life as a busy mother (which is read by thousands who fully identify with her posts), Lauren was preparing for the birth of her second child. Amidst all the madness, Lauren did the most important thing you can do at such a busy time, she carved out some much needed space for herself. With the baby-moon trend making it’s way across the pond from America, Lauren and her partner took the opportunity to escape to Beachspoke’s South Devon bolthole, The Barn near Honiton to spend some quality time together and completely unwind.

Since the trip, Lauren has welcomed the newest addition to her family, baby Rory. Everyone at the Beachspoke team are wishing the whole family the biggest congratulations at this very special time!

Tell us a bit about Hunters and Heels and how it came to be?

H&H is my little corner of the internet. The blog really started as an extension of Instagram, it’s a place to document life, and capture special memories. I started it 2 weeks before Ollie was born, so 18 months ago now. I love reading back over those early posts when I was waiting for him to arrive. Since then, it’s also become a place to connect with other woman, share experiences, inspiration and anything else I think people might enjoy reading. It’s really just a hobby, but I’m hugely passionate and proud of it.

What are a few of your favourite things about running your own blog? 

My most favourite thing, is the people. The internet can be a cruel and dangerous place but my experience on the blog has been nothing but positive and supportive. Not only that, but I’ve made some amazing real life friendships through blogging and instagramming too. It’s not why I set out to do but I’m forever grateful for every opportunity it’s given me!


Photo Credit: Lauren from Hunters and Heels

You recently stayed at The Barn, what were some of your favourite things about the property?


It’s an absolute gem of a property so it’s so hard to choose just one thing. From the beautiful setting, the thatched roof, all those stunning windows and views, the pine clad walls.. I could keep going…

But, as you can probably see from my pictures, I’m currently in my final weeks of pregnancy, so that beautiful bath in the window was SIMPLY PERFECT!! I had 6 baths in 3 days and spent every night laying there as the sun set. Heaven.

The Barn, Honiton Beachspoke hosts Hunters and Heels for the Baby-Moon

We noticed from your photos you made good use of the kitchen! Any holiday recipes or tips you can recommend?

Yes! We adore cooking, and enjoy staying in with a few candles and some great food as much as we do dressing up to go out. Especially when staying somewhere as beautiful as The Barn.

I think the trick is to make the most of the local produce. There’s plenty of great butchers, greengrocers and bakers near The Barn so we just packed some lentils, stock cubes and tinned tomatoes to make a delicious meal.

Did you get a chance to explore Cotleigh and Honiton, and if so what did you do during your stay?

Yes, we visited Honiton and picked up some deserts from the local bakery and some fresh spring flowers from the florist, it’s a beautiful little place. We also visited Branscombe and had a gorgeous pub lunch next to an open fire.

The Kitchen at Beachspoke The Barn via Hunters and Heels
Photo Credit: Lauren from Hunters and Heels


Have you had a chance to look at any of the other Beachspoke properties and if so, which one would you like to visit next?

Gosh I really need to pick just one??

Yarrow Cottage in the Cotswolds looks so idyllic, the views, the copper bathtub and we just live that part of the world.

Blackmoon looks breathtaking for a romantic escape. I can’t imagine being that close to the breaking water! Incredible.

Finally, I would LOVE to visit Little Cottage with some of our friends. I’ve met 3 beautiful families (through Instagram of all places) and this would be a perfect place to escape with our boys!


What are you key travel tips and suitcase essentials when you go away?

For this property specifically…I would say pack your fury friend if you have one. It’s a perfect place for a well behaved dog, Halle had the best time running about the garden and enjoying all the walks in the surrounding countryside.

Pack your wellies, waterproofs, comfy things to relax in The Barn and of course bath oils and face masks a-plenty! This place screams “treat yourself!!”

Silver roll top bath tub in a luxury thatched barn conversion with 1 bedroom in cotleigh near honiton in east devon

When you have the time, what do you do to relax?

With a busy full time job, two boys, a dog, a blog and of course a fiancé…it’s rare that I have a huge amount of time to really relax, but when I do, it can be something as simple as a long soak in the tub listening to music. Colin and I love going for a long walk then coming home to a delicious meal and a bottle of wine. So yes, The Barn was pretty much perfect for us.


What lies in store for Hunters and Heels this year?

I’m really excited about this year. As we welcome our tiniest member of the family I know I’ll feel so inspired with plenty of content. The travel posts I’ve been doing lately have had a really amazing response so I hope to do a lot more of this…us parents love to plan a getaway don’t we? Mostly though, I’m just excited to see where the year takes us all. I never thought I’d be here a year ago so it’s a pretty exciting think to think where we might be a year from now too! ❤️

You can look at more images of The Barn on the Beachspoke Pinterest page or book your trip now via the Beachspoke website