A Pub & a Playlist

Songs to Sip to

Drinks without music is like dancing without feet.

To prove our point we asked Kate and Peter of the wonderful Cotswolds Pub, The Chequers Inn Churchill for their perfect tipple-tune pairings, and here’s what they came up with:

Drink: Bobby Beer

Listen to: ‘Georgia’ by Tiggs Da Author

Drink:  Dunkertons

Listen to: ‘Ba Ba Boom Time’ by The Jamaicans

 Drink: Hook Norton Ale

Listen to: ‘Under The Pressure’ by The War on Drugs

Drink:  Glass of Tempranillo Red

Listen to: ‘Liquid Spirit’ by Gregory Porter

Drink: Espresso Martini

Listen to:  ‘Busy Earnin’ Jungle – Party Vibes

Drink: Deya Ale Brewed In Cheltenham

Listen to: ‘Catfish Blues’ – Jelly Roll Kings

Chequers pub has one of the largest collections of British ales in the area, a delicious changing menu with a strong focus on local, seasonal ingredients. Set in a beautiful, peaceful village, it makes a great stop off for lunch on the way back from Wilderness Festival. It hosts’s an annual Cotswold Bloody Mary Competition, and has a happy hour from 5-7 from sunday to Thursday.

Chequers is also just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Yarrow Cottage – the perfect Cotswold hideaway  and a rental cottage like no other!

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