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Chris Fynes from We The Food Snobs

We first came across WTFS on Instagram and were immediately struck by the playful artistry of this very talented food photographer. On getting to know the man behind the lens, we learnt that the project had originated in Gloucestershire where Chris still maintains, some of the most exciting developments in the food scene are taking place. We caught up with founder and photographer Chris Fynes to hear about his favourite Gloucestershire haunts, upcoming summer food festivals worth a visit and what lies in store for this food aficionado.

Tell us a bit about what you’re up to at the moment?

Currently I’m focusing on finding food adventures across the globe but more excitingly I will be moving to Sydney for a year and can’t wait to see what the other side of the world has planned for me.

We’re big fans of your food photography, having worked in advertising previously, what made you decide to take the leap and start your own business?

In all honesty, it was and still is really scary but frustration from not being able to do what I’m passionate about due to lack of qualifications made me think that the only way I could make it work was by starting out on my own. I was also looking to get out of a world where I lived for the weekend and now a Monday isn’t something I fear anymore.

We The Food Snobs Interview with Beachspoke

You started out blogging in Gloucestershire, tell us a bit about how this came to be?

I was actually fresh out of university and on a job seeker’s allowance as I knew I wanted to find a job in London and ditch the sleepy countryside. I’ve always been a huge lover of photography and food and caught wind of the concept of food blogging, which wasn’t really a thing in Gloucestershire. I started saving up my money and going to restaurants instead of heading to pubs and clubs and started We The Food Snobs. After I got a job in London, the blog came with me and thrived in the diverse food scene of the big city.

You’ve worked closely with The Lucky Onion Group (owners of Yarrow’s favourite local haunt ‘Chequers’) tell us a bit about how this came about and what projects you’ve worked on with them.

Huge fan of the TLO team and Sam and Georgie. I think they’ve really set a benchmark for food and hospitality in Gloucestershire and I love popping into one of their properties when I head home. The design and detail of each place is just stunning. I’ve been lucky to work with them on some of their Supper Clubs, which are held at No. 38 The Park. These are special one off events where they bring incredible chefs to the heart of the country and give the locals an opportunity to experience some of the best chefs in the country.

We The Food Snobs Interview with Beachspoke

 What are some of your other favourite Gloucestershire restaurants – any in the Chipping Norton area we should know about?

You’re seriously spoiled for choice in Gloucestershire but some of my favourites are The Ox, Purslane, The Vine and The Tavern in Cheltenham. There’s also Wild Garlic, The Wheatsheaf Inn and Wild Thyme in Chipping Norton.

 What are some of your favourite things to do when you head home to Gloucestershire?

Apart from filling up on fine country fodder, I like to get out and about in the country air. The Forest Of Dean is always calling me and whether it’s a walk with the dog or mountain biking through the trees, I love to be there. Failing that, a spa day in the hills always goes down well too and you can’t beat Ellenborough Park.

We hear you might be coming to St Ives for the St Ives Food Festival, which Beachspoke property would you most like to stay in while you’re there?

That’s a hard one! They’re all beautiful in their own way but I think it would have to be Black Moon, as the design is so similar to my own tastes.

We The Food Snobs Interview with Beachspoke

What have you heard about the St Ives Food Festival? 

It’s a great place to be with some of the world’s finest chefs involved and hopefully some of Cornwall’s finest weather. Food festivals are always a great place to sample a variety of cuisines but to have it on the sunny South coast, it doesn’t get much better.

With your job you travel a huge amount, what trips have you got planned for 2017?

2017 has taken a sudden and dramatic shift now that I will be settling in Sydney for a year. I only just got back from Tasmania and I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of Australia has to offer. After that I have a few exciting things planned for the Maldives and Madagascar, which I can not wait to unveil.

What were some of your favourite spots you visited last year?

The beautiful island of Koh Tao in Thailand. It was such a chilled out place and the scenery was incredible. Also, Dubai was a lot of fun, sampling some of the world’s finest hotels and restaurants but I think my first ever experience of horse riding was probably my favourite moment of the year. My girlfriend and I rode out into the dessert for sunrise and it was a brilliant memory to bring home.

We The Food Snobs Interview with Beachspoke

What other exciting projects lie ahead for We The Food Snobs in 2017?

The focus moving forward is going to be travel and working with brands to create incredible visual stories. Video is the future and is something I am really passionate about so I will be continuing to improve my skills and make the best content possible.

We The Food Snobs Interview with Beachspoke